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Fülle einfach das Kontaktformular aus und ich melde mich so schnell wie möglich bei euch. Ich freue mich auf eure Nachricht! 

Preise – kontaktiere mich und erhalte dein individuelles Angebot! 

Couple Shooting (45min): ab 179€                                                                                                            Hochzeitsreportage (2h): ab 499€                                                                                                            Hochzeitsreportage (6h): ab 1299€                                                                                                          Hochzeitsreportage (10h): ab 1599€     

About me:

Lara Melinda is a BA communication designer with a focus on photography and filmmaking based in Berlin. She is specialised in wedding, portrait, product and commercial photography.  She has done several internships at well known artists like Nikita Pavlov, Carl Smith Art and Uwe Ditz. Her ambition is to take photos that stand out in the crowd and that are authentic and modern.

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Let's work together